SEO 101

What is SEO?

Learn what is SEO, why SEO matters to Malaysian companies, factors that determine your rankings, Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, and more.

How to One Up Your SEO With Google Adwords

Many advertisers prefer opting for Google AdWords as their major pay per click network. However, in addition to using AdWords for drawing paid traffic to your site, it can also be used hand in hand with SEO. Delve deeper to see how it works.

The Secrets to Key SEO Writing

The importance of SEO blogs and articles cannot be stressed enough. They help drive traffic to your website which in turn let’s you stay profitable. Merely having content isn’t enough as regular updates is what visitors are going to keep coming back to. Read on to uncover the secrets.

Using Guest Posts to Build Backlinks

Guest posts are great for SEO and marketing if used correctly. In this article, we show you how to include backlinks onto guest posts to help rank your site.

Essential SEO Plugins for WordPress

Let’s face it, there’s a multitude of SEO plugins out there. With each boasting features that try to convert you into downloading them, why not save invaluable time by opting to go with tools that work. Sift through the vast online collection of WordPress plugins by incorporating these key SEO boosters today.

Why Using Captcha’s On Your Site Is A Bad Idea

Ah, Captchas, those annoying prompts that ask you to fill in mix-shift texts and numbers before you can proceed to log into a site. How many times have you been put off by this security measure by closing the site entirely? We highlight the lows and highs, and whether you should use them.

How To Protect Your Content

As a Webmaster that produces great content, one particular area that’s bound to irk you is whenever someone steals your work and uses it as their own. Unfortunately, this occurs all too frequently and there is nary a site which hasn’t been affected. Here, we show you how to protect your work.

How You Can Make A Profit With Google Adsense

In this guide, we show you should start using Google Adsense to generate additional funds for your site.

Protecting Your Site From Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Search engine algorithm changes – the bane of many a Webmaster. In this guide, we list down the steps that you should be taking to lessen its effects.

Which Is Better for SEO? – Sub Domains vs Sub Directories

We break down on how choosing either sub domains or sub directories would play an integral role for your key SEO implementation.

How Website Speed And Site Rankings Matter

Is your site’s slow website speed holding you back? You might want to optimise it for optimal site ranking performance.

Google Keyword Planner And Other Keyword Tools Worth Considering

Searching for a reliable keyword tool? Want another alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner but not sure what other tools work best? Read our comprehensive guide and watch your keyword research take flight.