Google Keyword Planner And Other Keyword Tools Worth Considering

Keyword tools worth your time.

A vital component to any successful SEO campaign, keyword research is as essential as it is beneficial. However, do it wrongly and all your efforts would be in vain. For the longest time, the tool for keyword volume research was none other than the Free Keyword Tool from Google but unfortunately this once indispensable tool is no longer available.

The good news is that there are other tools that can help give your keyword volume research a boost. For example, the new tool from Google offers an almost identical functionality – Google’s Keyword Planner performs many of its predecessors tasks in addition to PPC keyword research. You can also find other tools of the trade such as the Bing Keyword Tool, WordTracker Keyword or other paid tools that have their own set of unique advantages.

Google Keyword Planner – Still The Undisputed Best

Offering much of the same functionalities that made the previous Free Keyword Tool from Google such an essential keyword companion, Google’s Keyword Planner still stands ahead of the keyword pack.

Here are some of the advantages of Google Keyword Planner:

Obtain Reliable Data From Google Itself

Data from the source itself is not only more accurate but also more definitive.

Explore More Avenues For Local Keywords

If you regularly perform local SEO, you’re definitely going to appreciate the many improved possibilities for local search as you can even pinpoint your search to a small city audience.

Suggested Keywords Are Grouped

While not a new feature per se, you can get the added convenience of seeing a list of grouped keywords rather than just single keywords.

Bing Keyword Tool – The Next Best Alternative

If you’re not too keen on using Google Keyword Planner or just want to try out something else, you really can’t go wrong with the Bing Keyword Tool.

Here are some of the advantages of Bing Keyword Tool:

The Best Tool To Use If You Need To Optimise For Bing

Do your campaign efforts rely heavily on Bing? If you answered yes, this tool will be indispensable towards your keyword research efforts.

Data Range Search

This tool allows you to conduct comprehensive keywords as you can search for volumes during a specific data range; simply a must if you are keen on obtaining seasonal volumes or holiday volumes for example.

Check Out The Hottest Search Trends

Unlike Google, whereby one would need to visit Google Trends, Bing’s Keyword Tool allows you to search for data over time without having to leave the platform. A neat bonus!

WordTracker Keyword Tool

One of the first keyword tools to appear, WordTracker’s popularity has been on the wane throughout the years. Don’t let this put you off from using the tool though as it’s still a reliable alternative.

Here are some advantages of WordTracker Keyword Tool:

It Provides Insights Onto How Competitive A Keyword Is

Obtain the volume of searches in addition to the volume of competitors during your research. With this insight, you can gauge whether a particular keyword is too competitive and whether to consider omitting using it altogether.

Multiple Search Filters

With this tool you can narrow your searches to exact match only, include related terms or search for keywords in any order.

Paid Searchers Get The Added Bonus Of Obtaining Data From SEMRush Tool As Well

If you subscribe to the WordTracker Keyword Tool, you’ll also get invaluable data from SEMRush’s comprehensive search tool as well.

In a gist, these three keyword volume research tools are truly the best in the field. While there may be other paid and free keyword tools out there, it isn’t worth investing in as their reliability can be somewhat sketchy.