8 Tips to Choosing an SEO Company in Malaysia

With so many SEO agencies in Malaysia and every one of them claiming to be the best, how do you decide which SEO agency to partner with? Here are 8 important factors to consider:

1. Are They Fly-by-Night?
Hire a company with a longer history. Sure, freelancers are cheap, but you don’t want to hire someone who is here today and gone tomorrow.

2. Take Note of Their Sales Approach
A good SEO company is always in demand and will not come across as deperate. They will spend more time discussing about the campaign than selling you their SEO plans. For example, at SearchGuru, we are selective with our clients.

A desperate SEO company will tell you everything you want to hear, guarantee all sorts of things and give you crazy discounts – practically do anything just to get the job.

3. Check Their Experience
Is the agency a pure play SEO company? Or do they offer web design or web hosting services. Many “SEO agencies” in Malaysia are actually web design and web hosting companies who sell SEO/SEM as value-added services to make more money.

Ask how long exactly have they been selling SEO, who are their SEO clients and examples of successful SEO campaigns in Malaysia.

4. Drill Them on Their SEO Process
– What services exactly do they provide in their SEO package?
– Do they outsource the job or is everything done in-house?
– How do they determine what keywords to target? Do they have healthy search volumes?
– Do they provide on-page recommendations and implement them for you?
– How do they build the backlinks?
– Do they outsource the articles for link-building? Can you see some samples?
– Do they use one article for one backlink or use a spinner to create hundreds of articles?
– Do they buy backlinks? Do they engage in link exchanges?
– Will they send you backlink reports, i.e. where are the backlinks created?
– What reports do they provide you with, e.g. keyword rankings?

5. What are the KPIs?
An SEO campaign shouldn’t be measured on keyword rankings only. A successful SEO campaign should bring you organic traffic every month. The traffic should come from new visitors and for non-branded keywords, i.e. generic keywords and not just company/product names.

6. How long is the SEO contract?
Don’t tie yourself down to long contracts. Sign up for 6 months maximum, evaluate the performance and decide whether to renew.

7. Long-term Partner
The SEO company should treat you like a long-term partner and not just a customer. An experienced company will be able to share ideas on improving your business, landing pages, increasing conversions, marketing plans, etc.

8. Never Base Your Decision on Price
If you want to save money, don’t do SEO… or any marketing for that matter. Choose an SEO company based on their capability because a good one can make you back many times more money than what you paid them.